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09-23-2006, 04:08 PM
I have created a Top 100 site called "Top 100 Bible Study sites" (http://biblestudyrewards.gotop100.com/) but I'm very new to this and I would like to ask folks here for suggestions and/or instructions to help my get it started.
(please click on the "quoted" links above and below to see what I have done)
So far, I have created a "button" (http://www.journeyintoheaven.com/Images/Banners/T100BlbSty.gif)and put it on my own Bible Study "site" (http://www.journeyintoheaven.com/). Do I need, or should I have more buttons and/or banners that just this one?

From here, I went to the Manager Interface and looked at the Meta Tag section, but could not find out how to put Meta Tags on my Top 100 site, so I could use some help with this.

Also, I have read the section on How to build traffic in the Manager Interface and I do have some sites that I would like to be on my list but I do not know the best way to go about approaching them and or getting them to be part of my Top 100 site. - Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you,

Dirty Butter
09-24-2006, 03:45 PM
I'm sorry that I won't be of much help. The Meta Tag section is on the home page of the Admin in the General box. As far as what to add, I looked at the source code of some sites to see what they used.

As for getting sites to join, I had an advantage, as our list is for blogs. I commented on a post, told them why I thought they would be a good fit for our TopList, and invited them to join. I have no idea how many I've invited, but I'd say I've had maybe a 40% positive response.

With regular sites, you're going to have to email them in such a way that it won't get thrown away as SPAM, and that's not going to be that easy. If you can use a subject line that makes it obvious that you've actually looked at their site, that might get you at least a chance of being read. Do you have sites you already have reciprocal links with? If so, that's a good place to start. Then maybe you can ask each of them to invite someone they have a link with.

Good luck and let us know how you do.