View Full Version : Newbie and New Top List

01-08-2007, 11:07 PM
I am new to all this! I just started my Top List!
How do you guys promote yours?

Please feel free to register on mine!

Jamie T
01-27-2007, 11:18 PM
I post mine on community site

Dirty Butter
01-28-2007, 02:56 AM
Ours is a blog TopList, so I started a blog for the Community News. I add the banner to the list on all the forums I belong to, and I link to it from each of our blogs.

I also use forums as a place to announce special events, such as our currently running Family Blog Carnival.

Jamie T
02-10-2007, 09:08 AM
i got a blog were I sign it up :oops:

02-28-2007, 01:33 PM
I'd love to have your topsite and/or your website listed on my top list! :)


03-16-2007, 06:11 AM
I've posted mine on tons of other Top 100 Sites.

Check mine out and join if you're a boutique! Click on this banner!
http://www.leapfrogsandlilypadsboutique.com/images/topsitebanner480x100.gif (http://leapfrogs.gotop100.com/in.php?ref=101)

03-28-2007, 09:02 PM
You can use use meta tags that allow some search engines to index the site.
For example, I use these for my list:

//<meta name="Description" content="Top 50 for squads, sites, guilds and everything else related to The SMC of Funen">//
//<meta name="Keywords" content="top 50,toplist,top list,delta force,bhd,jo,squads,guilds,sites,sign up,join">//
//<meta name="Robots" content="Index, Follow">//
//<meta name="Revisit-After" content="4 days">//
//<meta name="Author" content="S. M. Christiansen">//

Must be placed within the head tags found in the beginning of your Top List...and without the //.

For more information on how to use meta tags and what they do see this page: http://www.hypergurl.com/sitemap.html

However, I find that the best way to get promoted on various search enigines and simular is to have others linked to your site.