View Full Version : Code generation problems

Sonya T
02-25-2007, 03:00 PM
Every time I hit the generate code button it takees me back to the account manager page. I don't know if its something I did or if its the list.

Here is the list I am having problems with.


02-25-2007, 03:07 PM
Can you please explain exactly what page you are logging in to and what you are clicking to get to this code generation? I logged in as a member to this list and clicked on "Get Your Link Code" and was able to generate that no problem. Is this what you're talking about?

Sonya T
02-25-2007, 03:45 PM
Yes..I logged in as a member and was unable to get the code. \I will go try it again

Sonya T
02-25-2007, 04:00 PM
Also another question how do I edit the footer?

02-25-2007, 04:45 PM
Ok, let me know how you make out with the code.

You edit the footer by going to Advanced Setup, List Breaks. There are instructions on that page for what to enter for editing header and footer.

Sonya T
02-25-2007, 05:02 PM
OK she said she can get the code. I am setting this up for someone else and she can get the code. Now I just need to edit the footer.