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01-01-2008, 08:49 PM
List Name: The Yorkshire Top 100

URL: http://yorkshire.gotop100.com/in.php?ref=105

Have run the Listing since Friday,04,May,2007 and at first did not do a lot with it only get people to join but threw Christmas I had a go and now I think it is worth asking you to have a look.

I managed to get a Favicon working in the address bar cached on one of my websites.

It has only generated 21 sites but I intend canvassing for more in the next few months.

Sorry but the design tool dose not give direct indication to what you are altering so it is trial and lots of error, if you find a text size that alters one item that you want that's fine but then you find it also alters another part of the page also, so when you get your page looking something like right do not try to do any fine adjustments, it easily gets you back to square one again.

Our Yorkshire Top 100 has two Banners for the members to chose as a link that can be easily seen, one thing, get the banner right first time because if you change it, it's hard to get the members to collect a replacement code because their old link code will no longer show your Banner on their site.

We are listed in the Directory, we are connected to one other Top 100 listing and a Yorkshire webring using the list breaks tool.

The background image hast to be a good size but very low in K-Bites, you can use a demo site online to shrink the K-Bites of an image without shrinking the Image size, I managed to get it just right for a few month but now it has shrunk in size on the monitors, and needs re doing for some reason.

The List Breaks is the best tool, I took advantage of all the Image uploads to make the page look presentable.

Also filled the Gateway with text and images to stop it looking so empty.

The Site Clock is 8 hours out in the summer in the UK so I added a local clock to the page to put things straight.

That's as far as I have managed the Yorkshire Top 100 so far but I guess I will find something more to do this year 2008.

Happy New Year,


Dirty Butter
01-01-2008, 11:20 PM
Looks like you have been very busy. With such a narrow criteria for your list, this seems to be a good number of members to me.

Since you like doing extra things on your pages, you might get some ideas from ours.

We had almost 600 members at one time this year, but I am gradually culling the ones who do not participate. The list was just too big to be useful.

Here's wishing you a Happy New Year!!


This will take you to our Gateway page:


01-02-2008, 08:40 PM
I thought I had being busy till I looked at your Blog Village listing but I shall get their, I have picked up on a few points thanks.

How do you get 600 members at one time thatís impossible over here for a Village, we have a local city one over here at http://www.topsiteguide.com/toplist.asp?site=LeedsTop100 with 46 members.

In the UK I believe it was 10 years behind the US getting computers on the market after the Commodore 64, and the same with linking up to the web so the few old villagers remaining in our village are only getting started with computers and all the young ones are new to the village from surrounding cities and do not want to chat on village blogs.

The older end would like to but do not yet have the confidence to. I started a Yahoo Village group that started to do a little but fizzled out so I gave it up as a bad job and just do my web site to keep my mind active. The only ones that use it are Village folk that now live around the world and want to find something out or a village calendar that we sell each year.

Love your site, have being going threw it slowly, hence being slow replying,

Graham - Yorkshire Top 100