View Full Version : Important Notice - Banner Size Issue

04-05-2011, 07:33 PM
We are currently working on the banner system to make it more user friendly by adding pre-defined settings & moving the current min/max width/height to a custom settings.

While working on this it seems the script didnt like a few things we changed & is currently showing all banner sin 125x125 format.

Please not not be alarmed or try to reset / edit your banners they will automatically be fixed within 24 hours as this is a server settings and not an account related issue.

10-12-2011, 11:16 PM
Just curious what I need to do to get my banner showing on your site. http://martinteach.edublogs.org

10-14-2011, 09:39 PM
Sorry, I do not understand exactly what do you want. Could you explain it?