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Thread: How can i link this top 100 site to my excisting web site

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    How can i link this top 100 site to my excisting web site

    I wanted to know if i can link this site to my gaming clan website to that they have to go through my other site before the top 100 as it dose not get many hits on my site :?:


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    I'm not sure I know what you mean... do you mean that if someone clicks your gotop100.com link code, they are redirected to your other site?

    If so, then there's really no way to do that. You could pop your other site as a console when your top 100 loads, but then you might have problems getting people to sign up to your top list because as you know, not many people like pop ups.

    I'd recommend putting a banner or link to your other site right at the top of your top 100 list. Once you have built your top list up, it should send you a decent amount of traffic this way.

    If that's not what you meant, please explain and I'll do what I can to help you.

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    yeah sorry m8, i wanted to know how to somehow link the top100 so they hafta go throuh my clans webby so that it is kept on the top of the list. We need more people visiting it but i figured it out. Thanks for the TOP NOTCH top 100 and your speedy replys.

    Thanks GG :twisted:

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    No problem, glad you got it figured out!

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    Just another question m8 this is the picture i wanted everyone to link my site to but it wont work?

    Oh and i voted excellant for your top 100 hosting on all your links, Great site. :twisted:

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    We have imposed a 60kb upload limit for banners and buttons (which is pretty generous). That button is over 90kb which is why it won't let you upload it - but you should be able to optimize it and get it under 60kb easily. If you want any help with this let me know. Another option is to host that button from your server.

    Thanks for the votes

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    Cool m8, ill get that pic shrunk. Thanks again :twisted:

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