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    I am the owner of the top 100 site and I am not able to log in to it it keeps saying that I don't have permissions and I didn't change anything. How can I as a admin fix this? the site is


    and on the managers page it says this

    Top List: Manager Login

    You have entered an invalid username or password. Please try again.

    Back To Manager Login

    Can you reset it for me ?


    Vic and yes I am sober n clean LMAO 8)

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    Oh another question how would I get a personal header on the top?

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    Whoops I am bad! LOL I got it. Sorry but hey at least this is another cool forum. I have 3 top 100 sites I think they are the best. I have one that ranks 12 in google

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    Glad you got it figured out

    As for your header, you can edit list breaks and add a custom header, footer, and custom html after any rank in your listings.

    Check out the faq at http://www.gotop100.com/supportfaq.php

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