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    Julee Cole


    I need to know why my baaner are not showing up. Myself and the gal that designed my top 100 put our banners on my top 100 and they did just fine.
    I have a custmer to purchase 2 spots and both her banners are not showing up. You can push on them and they take you to her sites, but you can not see the banners. Also there is a red x by them as well. Please help me. I do not won't to start upseting her. And I need to understand for future happenings.
    Thanks so much,

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    I'm only guessing that your browser or firewall blocks banners from showing? I used to get around this by changing banner sizes so they were slightly off what would be considered normal sizes.

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    I looked at the one banner that isn't showing up. If you right click on it and choose properties, you will see that the location of the banner is:


    which is not a proper banner location. If you look at some of the other banners you will see what they should look like.

    You need to either enter the correct URL of where the banner is located or use the "upload to server" function to upload the banner to our server.

    The other banner should just be http://www.mineralgirlz.com/images/glitter_banner.gif without all the extra stuff in front of it.

    Hope that helps


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    big help

    thanks this helped me ,but can (I) the administrator fix the banners or do the people that join my list have to fix it,im assuming they do as I dont have there banners in my files ,is that correct

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    You can fix it if you know the location of their banners.

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