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Thread: Votes -Hits in

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    Votes -Hits in

    I was wondering if there is a way to see if one of my memebers is voting for themsleves to increase there position?

    My site offers free advertising at the end of the month to the top site. Well the last two months it has been the same site - which is fine, however this month someone else was top site and the original top site emailed me to ask what happened since they know 4-5 people voted which would have bumped them up. But it does not show on the numbers. I am thinking this person is doing the voting for themselves.

    can soemone give me some direction here.

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    You can only vote for yourself once in a given period (whatever you set that period to is up to you). After one vote, it won't count any more from the same person until the period of time expires.

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    i thought that was what i read

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