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Thread: Please I need help!

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    Please I need help!

    Hey!great thing this toplist system but I have problems :-(
    The Thing is that If someone wnts to add a site and clicks on the empty lines(where there is writen add your site) he is rederected to toplist.com and not to a member login for my toplist!!!
    same problem if you want to comment or rate a site or if you make a member login(same for clicking on a banner)!whats going on?please help me

    thank you so much
    my list is: corsica.gotop100.com

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    Hello and ?????

    I just tested all of your links and they are all going to the correct place for me. I am not getting redirected to toplist.com. Did you mean to say gotop100.com ?

    On another note, we only accept top lists in the English language and the sites listed on them need to be in English too so I guess we're not a good candidate for hosting your top list.

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