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Thread: How to close a top list??

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    How to close a top list??

    I have a top list that I dont have the time to maintain anymore. Is there a way to delete a top list? I inquired via email through the top site, but never got an answer.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Inactive lists get deleted automatically. We would prefer to take over maintenance of lists that people don't want anymore so that people are not linking to lists that do not exist.

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    I'm about to close my site down and was going to contact all members of my toplist to inform them, then saw this posting.
    Do I go ahead and let them know or are you saying you want to take over the listing?
    I thought I may start up another topsite list at a later date, but not really sure about that, so thought it would be better to just close this one.
    Thanks for any info.

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    We would be happy to take over the list for you. It saves all of your members from having to remove links. Many people won't bother to remove the links and there ends up being a lot of links to non existing lists. You can PM me or send an email to support if you'd like us to take it over for you.

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