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Thread: Please help... Newbie

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    Please help... Newbie

    I have read many of the previous q&a's and support forum, etc. and I am still having trouble. I have tried to add members through my admin and through my site, but it's not working. When I try to "add members" how do I know what the person's login info. is? I linked to them first, so they didn't have to give me a login. When I try to just do the basics like add their name and banner I can't because I am missing login id, password, etc. I am nervous because these sites have my link, but I can't put their link in. Please help! ~ Stephanie :?:

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    When you are adding a member to your own top list, you just make up a username and password for them. The username and password is so that they can log in and edit their account in the future.

    Also, they need to be a member of your list before they put up links because they need their unique link code that they can only get after they have signed up (or you have signed them up) to your list.

    Hope that helps!


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