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Thread: I need a little help

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    I need a little help

    I'm having a bit of a problem and I was wondering if anyone could help me.
    On My listings page, http://truebebiblethump.gotop100.com, True Believin' Bible Thumpin' Top 100. For some reason the buttons are not there to enter or if I'd been tricked, I see the pages on other sites. I have the gateway enabled, and I'm not working with black on black background.
    I can get to my join and member pages, but can I edit it to make it look like the front page like other people have?
    Thank you!
    I knew I was forgetting something.
    Why doesn't a border color show up in a table I've add in Firefox.
    I added a thingy in the CSS for it and it still doesn't show, but all the host border colors do?


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    I saw the light!

    I did find my 'buttons'. I saw the light, DUH! I forgot to get my own code and put it on my site. So, that question is anwered.
    I still don't get Firefox not showing the other table's border color.
    And I take it we can't 'customize' our join and member pages.
    Cool. Looks like I'm ready to open for business, finally!
    But, if anyone knows how I can fix the Firefox deal, would you let me know. I edit using both browsers at the same time, it isn't fun finding a happy medium for the both of them.
    Thanks again.

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    Which table is it? It looks very similar to me in both IE and firefox.

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    Hi John,

    I made two tables in the header. I wanted a certain color for the boarders and I wanted them dotted.
    I took the border-style:dotted out. But the color doesn't show with Firefox, but it does in IE and when I had the dotted style in, it worked with IE too.
    It's just one of those wierd fickle browser things. I know that we are always to check our web sites with numerous browsers. I was just so curious about the border color. Firefox doesn't show the colored scroll bar either.
    Thanks for writing!

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