I have a few Top 100 Sites and have from time to time received email from you, however in the last couple of days I have been getting many of them. Just now I received in the last few hours over "50" emails.

This is the email:

GoTop100.com - Get Your Free Vv.CC Domain Name

Behind The scenes at GoTop100.com there have been some changes and we are working hard to improve the site.

One of the features we are currently working on is DNS Support so that you can use your exisiting domain names either as the main website address for your top site or as a sub-domain.

While developing this, we have decided to aquire a domain extension to launch our own Free Domain Service for those that do not have a domain name.

Register Free Domain:http://w w w. V v . C c

I put spaced in the domain above

These domain names are totally free, no advertising, no fee's & they are not tied to gotop100 or a specific webhost.
You can Register upto 5 Free Domains within your account & for a donation of $9.99 or above you can then register a further 150 Domains.

Please note that the registrar is so new that we have not even completed the design & wording for the site, however over the next few days we will have the design complete!

We have decided to break the news early as It seems we have now been featured on blogs accross the Internet and domains are being registered fast! so we wanted our gotop100 managers & members to have priority over registering thier domains.



Can you please tell me if this if from you?

Thank You,