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Thread: Email address with membership application??

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    Dirty Butter

    Email address with membership application??

    It's me again. 8)

    Here's something else that I would find very useful, and I imagine others would, too. I'd love to have a contact addy for people who are waiting to be approved on our TopList. Sometimes I can find one on their blog, but not always.

    The reason I need this is that sometimes I Decline a blog for something that the owner could fix if they really want to join badly enough. Sometimes they just don't have enough on their blog yet for me to get a feel for what their blog is going to be about. I'd like to be able to tell them that, but I can't always find a way to contact them.

    Sorry I keep coming up with such things, but I'm trying to be patient waiting for some of my ideas that you liked to be implemented.

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    I don't mind suggestions at all, and I appreciate your patience. Things are extremely hectic and we usually do a bunch of upgrades at the same time rather than little ones here and there.

    Can you send me a recap of what you are waiting for and I'll let you know what we have planned over the next month.

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    Dirty Butter
    Thanks for the quick response!!

    I'll get the list pulled together just as soon as I can.

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    Dirty Butter
    I think this is all of them. :shock:

    1. Contact information for the Approve/Decline form for new member requests.

    2. Easy way to identify InActive Members on Member List and Contact Members pages.

    3. Allow us to edit the ENTER button text for the Gateway page.

    4. Add a Search Box to the TopList, similar to the one that the Admin has, so people can find a specific site. We're approaching 300 members, and this is definitely needed!

    5. Correct the "apostrophe shows up as a backslash" in the emails.

    6. Automatically include the member number of the recipient of email in the Subject line, so replies can easily be paired with their site.

    7. Add comments to each section of the CSS template code, so we can tell what each part controls.

    I added 2 more in the next two replies!!

    :roll: :lol:

    I'm job security for your programmer, aren't I??

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    Dirty Butter
    And now you can add

    8. A way to put a List Break at the top of any page.


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    Dirty Butter
    And another one has just come up. I don't have time this month to check every blog the way I normally do. There are members of our BLOG VILLAGE who would help if I could send them each part of the list of sites and URL's. They wouldn't need any other information, which would insure the Villagers' privacy. Is there any way to obtain a list like that? If not, could you add it to your suggestion list from me?

    The only other way to do it that I know of would be to give several people access to the admin login and password. This WOULD be cause for concern, due to privacy issues.

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    You could have them each just do one page from your top list. If all they need is the URL's then all they have to do is click the banners on your list. I agree about not giving them the admin password.

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    Dirty Butter
    I had thought of that, and if that's all we can do, I'll settle for it. I was just hoping a list could be generated fairly easily.

    Thanks for answering.

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