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Thread: process when voting

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    process when voting

    sorry if this has been asked before but i would like to know if someone were browsing my website, and they came across my "vote for me" banners and decided to vote, what is the exact process for that vote to count .. meaning, lets say i went to vote for myself, i click on the first banner on my list this should take me to another list of banners, now do i then have to search for my banner click on it to enter my web site again? or is ...
    clicking on the topsites banner (via my 'vote for me') sufficent for that vote to count. .
    I thought when you first click on a topsite banner and then its says enter here to vote would class as a vote, but i have been told recently no that you have to then go find your banner click on it and wait for the page to load before you exit.
    Hope i am making sense

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    Whoever told you that was wrong. A vote is nothing more than a click to the top list. I prefer calling them hits in, because really, they are not votes at all, but for some reason that terminology has stuck.

    A click on the link located on your site is all that is required for the "vote" to count

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