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Thread: Directory Listings

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    Directory Listings

    Hi Guys - Love the service! I have a couple of lists that have been running for quite some time but they don't appear to be listed as yet in the directory. I have seen earlier posts regarding this topic, all lists have over 30 sites and are running smoothly. What is the general time span before listings appear?

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    I'm sorry - I'm so far behind on submissions - I'm going to have to find some help soon here. I will get them listed asap. Again, sorry.

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    Directory Listing

    Wow, you are quick

    Not a problem, I'm happy just to know they will appear and I thank you.

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    Well, it's six months down the line and it still looks like there's not much chance of getting any of our lists added to the directory.

    Don't mean to be a pain but we could be missing out on loads of new applications simply because no one can find our lists *sniff*

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    As I mentioned in a different thread on this subject - we are working on a different way of working the directory so that all active lists are automatically included.

    Trust me - you are not missing out on tons of submissions Hardly anyone visits the directory. People will find your toplists much better through your own marketing efforts and being listed on other people's sites. That's generally how people find top lists. They see the button or link on someone's site, and check it out and sign up.

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    Okay, thanks Dave.

    I am a little surprised though, I have lists at Ultimate Top Sites and their directory is well visited and the old topsitelists.com one was too so I expected yours to be just as popular. Goes to show that one can't assume the same happens elsewhere. I guess I'm just one of the few that does try looking for new lists on site.

    I still love the service though!

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    Hopefully once the new directory system is in place, more people will visit it as it will be full of great toplists!

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    I was wondering about the same thing. Look forward to when directories are up and running good.

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