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Thread: Help! My Site Disappeared

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    Help! My Site Disappeared

    Help Dave~ My Site is gone.
    The message I get is: This Subdomain is not yet taken!

    click here to sign up

    My site is: http://topwhamlist.gotop100.com

    Please help me I have put alot of time & effort in this to have a great looking site. :cry:

    Thanks~ Susan

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    The same thing happened to me, but it's back up again. Yours should be back soon also.

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    Thank you!

    Thank you! Boy if that's not a scary thing to happen :?

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    Sorry for the hassle!

    Hi Susan,

    I am doing some maintenance on the site for Dave, and unfortunately I made a mistake. It has been corrected and your site should be working fine.

    Please reply to this if you have any further problems.

    - Tim Gallagher

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