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Thread: Multiple Catagories

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    Multiple Catagories

    Would it be possible to add a feature to the script that would allow members to add their sites in different catagories? Maybe with a drop down menu or something? Also, for the list 'owners' to create as many catagories as they might need for their lists?

    For example:

    Computers and Internet

    And so on.... :?: I hope this makes sense. lol

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    It is possible... although most people just create a new top list for each category. It is something that we can look at for future updates.

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    I just thought maybe it'd be a 'good idea' for those who have a more general target audience. Say for example forums... there are many forums out there who are geared toward specific groups and content. And then there are those members who have web sites, but that are not forum related. They might appreciate being able to add their site to such a list, because they might get some traffic that they may not otherwise get. Not to mention those who have multiple top sites would be able to manage their list members in less time (they'd only have to log into one admin panel). Having a drop down menu for visitors to choose from may also be of benifit, because it would break the lists into smaller groups so people can find what they're looking for in less time.

    Am I making any sense? lol I'm sorry if I'm not, I've been really tired lately so it's kind of hard for me to share my ideas.

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    Yep you are making sense It sounds like a good idea I just need to check into how feasible it is to integrate something like that into our script.

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