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Thread: Top of Index Page and Gateway Page a bit wrong

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    Indeed, Dave. Good point.

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    Thank you so much for your support... I have now changed my skin and this one doesn't have a background image.

    However, I did want a second background so I added one to the maintable and the same off-line problem happened again... so I removed it and all the CSS to go with it but what has also happened again is that my gateway page has lost half it's background to the break colour. Before I tried to add a background image it was great.

    here: http://mollysdesigntop100.gotop100.com/in.php?ref=101

    How do I get all my background image back again?

    Thank you so much ops:

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    I don't see any background colors obscuring the background image.

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    Me neither. It looks fine in my browser (IE 6, 1048x768).

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