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Thread: Comments Have Been Deleted

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    It won't delete old ratings.

    Comments for "The Lighthouse"
    Post a Comment/Rate this Site
    On Mon, 09.25.06 17:18 smurfie rated this site 10 out of 10

    is considered a rating, not a comment. If there was actually a comment written about the site, that would be deleted, but the rating would remain.

    Hope that helps!

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    I'm sorry I've taken so long to reply to you Dave.

    Yes, that does help... and I'm an idiot right now. :lol: Ahhh... the joys of pregnancy! This is why I'm on hiatus with my work for the next 6 months. Everything just baffles me when it shouldn't. lol

    Thanks for puttin up with my stupidity. I dunno how you do it. You're aswesome!

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