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Thread: Problems editing design?

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    Problems editing design?

    Hello everyone! I just signed up yesterday.

    When I am in advanced mode and click on "Edit Design," there appears to be a problem. Every time I change anything, ie just changing the link color or font style, the whole format of everything changes. The font and cell size becomes really, really tiny. It is strange because I am not changing those other elements.

    When I make a font style or text color change in the "Edit Design Manually" mode, everything works fine. As a newbie though, I would rather do it from the "edit design" mode and be able to preview it, instead of playing around with the actual code.

    My site is at http://digitalmommies.gotop100.com/

    Thanks in advance!

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    When you choose "Edit Design" you just have to set the new font size to something a little bigger than 8px - that should fix the problem.

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    Problems editing design?

    Thanks Dave! It worked like a charm!

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    No problem! Glad it's working for you

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