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Thread: Page numbers not centered

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    Page numbers not centered

    Hello there.

    My page numbers are off to the left instead of to the center. I went to list breaks and added a few
    to see if it would push them down a bit to allow them to center. Didn't work. Anyone know how to get the page numbers centered?

    Also, how about numbers at top and at the bottom of the page?


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    Hi Peggy,

    There are numbers at the top and bottom of every page.

    And your numbers are centered now - did you fix them? There must have been an </center> code in your header, footer, or one of your list breaks.

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    Hi, Dave!


    I did go back and enter a <center> thing. It must have forgotten to go apply the design so I didn't see the results. Must have updated!

    Yea!!! Thanks for responding.

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