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Thread: Newbie: Lost on ratings/ Ins and Outs/ ranking

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    Party Plan Diva

    Newbie: Lost on ratings/ Ins and Outs/ ranking

    I set up my top100businessdirectory list last night.
    1. I'm confused on a lot of things so if anyone could help that would be great. I don't understand the In or Out ratings. I have our list set to "rank members by Incoming" every 30 minutes, but it appears that only the OUTs are actually counting.
    My Reset Options are all set to NO and the reset top list every n days set to 30. When people go to the site I want the most clicked on site to be registered at the top in ranking.

    2. I got rid of the comment ranking since people tried to manipulate it by giving a competitor a less than favorable rank and themselves a 10. Does anyone find this ranking or comment section useful and is it fair?

    3.I got the Top100BusinessDirectory name but really wanted the url to be Top100ChickSitesDirectory. Is it too late to change this URL name?
    Please advice,
    thank You
    You're all welcome to come join my list too. I'll log onto yours eventually.

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    The faq at http://www.gotop100.com/supportfaq.php answers your question about hits in and hits out.

    Regarding hits being counted, this thread may be of interest to you.

    Personally, I don't use the comment system for the exact reasons you specify. Some people like it though.

    You can't change the URL of your top list. The only way to get the URL you want would be to sign up for a new list.

    Hope that helps!

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