As you may have noticed something's have changed around here.

I (Me, Scott) have recently aquiried the site from DaveS, who will still be around.

All this really means is a silent change of ownership and some new development work going on.

You may also notice the first change here, the support forums.
We have converted them from phpBB to vBulletin.

This enables us to give you a better platform for discussion & support.

There is a downside to this conversion which means that for your logins to work you may have to recover your passwords.

However we have many more changes to come, which will include a register / login bridge between the main site, the forums and the new support system that will be implemented shortly.

This will mean that you will only have to register on the main site and you will automatically be registered and logged into the forum and support system.

We also have a redesign planned over the next week or so to.

Im also intrested in what input you the users want to see here, so hopefully later today I will setup a platform that will enable you all to submit & vote on idea's that we can implement to make the site better.

Look forward to getting to know you all and giving the site a new lease of life