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Thread: Newbi Here A ? About Reranking

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    Newbi Here A ? About Reranking

    :? I My name is Susan and I am A Newbi. I am courious about what reranking exactly means. Any help would be appreciated. Also any suggestions on where to get a Button for clients to be able to add to their sites for voting! Thanks~ Susan

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    Hi Susan,

    Basically, the lists do not operate in real time. When someone sends a visitor to your list, that visitor doesn't show up in the rankings right away. When someone adds a new site to the list, it doesn't show up right away either. They only show up after the list reranks, which means the pages of your top list are re-generated with all the latest info. Most lists rerank every half hour (this is the default).

    With regards to buttons, you'd have to make those yourself with something like Photoshop or some kind of online banner generator. You should be able to find some free banner generators, although they don't make the nicest buttons.

    I hope that helps!

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    Thanks Dave~ That helps alot. I'm slowly getting there, learning as I go.

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