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Thread: Banner on gateway page

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    Southern Sassy Pants

    Banner on gateway page

    How do I add my banner to the gateway page? I see WHERE to add HTML for the gateway page, but I have tried several times to paste the properties of the banner into this space, and the banner doesn't show up-the properties do!

    Thanks! ~Ann

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    Southern Sassy Pants

    Forgot something

    Oh yes, I forgot something-how do I add a place at the top of my page for advertising options. I already have a banner in header spot, and I tried to add a block of advertising spots, but it only allows 1 "header".

    Thanks! ~Ann

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    Southern Sassy Pants

    One more thing...

    I enabled my gateway page, and it popped up when I clicked on the button on MY site, but I just visited a couple of my members' sites, and when I clicked on THEIR button to go to my topsite, the gateway page did not show up-it just went straight to the list. Help-what did I do wrong?

    Thanks (AGAIN!) ~Ann

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    It sounds like they don't have the correct linking code on their site. Sounds like they are just linking to your top list page instead of using the linking code. I would need an example of one of the sites you are talking about to be sure.

    You can add as much html as you would like in the header - including your block of advertising space.

    To add your banner to the gateway page, just put:

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    Southern Sassy Pants


    O.K., so I got the banner on my gateway page-thanks! Now, I don't understand how to add to the header. (I assume this is where I will put the info for my advertising).


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    Re: Forgot something

    You just edit the header and add your html code. I'm not sure I understand the question. :?

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