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Thread: newbie needs help

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    newbie needs help

    I need to make a button for the affiliates to click on to get on to my 100 top sites, does anyone know of a really easy but good place to get one done on..

    thanks all help will be appreciated

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    If you google 'button generator' you'll come up with tons of results. I generally use the ones provided by the host site or make my own, so I can't really recommend one to you.

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    Good "Button" maker site

    Lots of good free stuff here. Hope this helps

    free button maker site

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    Thanks for all your help

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    You're welcome Hunny.

    I am also seeking some help from folks here with my new Top 100 site.

    I like to participate and share when I can and, if you like, I will make you a "button" (for free of course) as my way of thanks for others helping me.

    If you do wish for me to do this, just describe what you would like and include any graphics that you might have. Also, let me know if you would like you Button to be a "Motion Gif", like this > Motion GIF


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