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Thread: Trouble adding banners to Your Bannner section.

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    Trouble adding banners to Your Bannner section.

    I am trying to add a new banner to my Your Banner.
    I keep getting my file is to large but my file is for an 88x31 banner (my smallest one I am offering). I was able to add larger banners fine. What do I do? :?

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    Can you tell me what the file size is?

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you . Just got back into town.

    Okay if I did this right. I went into my file and right clicked on the picture and went to properties and there it says it Size: 8.04 KB (8,238 bytes)

    Is this what was looking for? :? The banner is only a 88 x 31

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    Wow that's small. Hmmmm... can you email the banner to support at gotop100 ?

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    I can email it to you. Where do I do that?

    Here is the URL for it: http://www.ssb2.net/users/43328/top100.jpg

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    Jamie T
    its because you must upload the picutre save the picture on your desktop and upload it dont use a online url (hope it helps)

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    I have it on my desk top but still it will not upload. How do I get it upload to my banners options for my members? Its still saying it to large of a file.

    The reason why I have it hosted as well is because I needed it for my website.

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    Dirty Butter
    Just to see if it would work, I saved your banner to one of our blogs that doesn't have a banner on our toplist. It worked just fine. Of course, I immediately took it back off!

    Be sure you are using the choice that lets you use the URL, not the upload, and you can just plug in your website address for the image. You have to set the width and length correctly, too, in the Control Panel.

    Also, be sure to do the Manual Rerank, so you'll see the image immediately. Otherwise, you will have done it correctly, but it won't show until the list refreshes.

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    Hi Shannon,

    Likewise, I was able to upload the banner to one of my top lists with no problem. Can you please send exactly what URL you see in your browser when you are trying to do the upload, as well as details on exactly what you are entering on that screen?


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    Jamie T
    or you could let mer try and do it for you if oyu wish that pm me the banner log in and password (just change password)

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