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Thread: Home and Family Sites - Google PR3

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    Home and Family Sites - Google PR3

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to show off my top list. I am very proud that I was able to get it to match my website. I am even more proud of the fact that it has a Google PageRank 3. I have about 120 members at the moment and I would like to invite anyone reading this to join.

    The link is http://homeandfamily.gotop100.com


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    Dirty Butter
    The Toplist looks great! I haven't even checked to see what our TopList PR is :?

    A couple of things I noticed though - You have the reset as never. Wouldn't that discourage new members?

    Also, only 100 members show. I'm surprised the other 20 have stuck with you!!

    Would you be willing to accept one of our blogs for membership? It's our Plush Memories Lost Toy Search Service, and it sounds like your members would be a good fit for it. Of course, if it's not going to show, it would be pointless to join.

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    Dirty Butter
    Ours has a PR3, as well! Nice to know. Considering ours is a mixture of blogs on all kinds of topics, I'm surprised the keywords were useful enough to get the PR that high. Have you made good use of the Meta Tag capabilities of gotop? Since all your sites have much in common, you should be able to go even higher with the right SEO!!

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    I would love to have you join! I pretty much allow anything as long as it is 'Family Friendly' and your site sounds like a perfect match!

    As for the never reset, I never thought of it that way. I left it because of the opposite reason - I thought that old members might get mad that they lost all of their votes every time it reset. You are right about the new members feeling like they have to climb to the top though. I will have to give this some thought.

    As for the meta tags, I do have some keywords, but they are very limited since I am never any good at figuring out the best keywords. I will have to head on over to one of those popular keyword finder websites and redo my meta tags.

    And as for the top 100 members showing, I may change this in the future. For right now it is going to stay because I have had a lot of people join and then never had any votes. There are 14 sites right now with 0 votes in and 20 sites with only 1 vote (which is probably from when they first joined and tested the link). Although, if I do change the never reset option and used the feature that won't show banners unless there are votes, it would take care of this for me. Maybe I will do that afterall!

    Anyway, sorry about the long reply. I really do appreciate your advice!

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    Dirty Butter
    Dave has all the options about resets, etc., so each list can work the way the owner wants. I wasn't so much trying to give advice as to just give you a different view point. I reset once a month, but show banners on all members, rather than limiting it. And I'm set to display all, as well. As for the 0 vote and 1 vote folks, they just end up at the end. Normally I wouldn't have any 0 votes for long, as I've always voted for everyone over the couple of days after the reset. Real Life has cut into my admin time tremendously, though, so this month I'm getting help from another Villager, just visiting each blog to check for dormant or dead sites and to be sure they are displaying the voting link. I've dropped almost 100 members in less than a year for not putting, or keeping, the link on. That's pitiful!!

    I'll apply for your site some time today.

    On the SEO thing, I use




    plus a few other sites I couldn't find right off.

    For my own sites, I look at the tag cloud from Technorati to see what the keywords should be, but that won't work for our lists.

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    Dirty Butter
    I hope to get some extra eyes looking for lost lovies by being on your toplist. Also, I may get a few more requests, and maybe even a few sales from your members, so I'm glad you decided to show off your list.

    I know you said you were pleased that you could match the TopList to your website, but may I make a suggestion? Your wallpaper is an extremely busy design, and it works OK for me on the TopList page, although it's a too busy for my tastes. It looks eye boggling and really hurts, however, on the Gateway page. I use editing software to fade out the background image, so the list and the buttons on the Gateway page are more prominent.

    You're going to be sorry I came around! :twisted: :roll: 8)

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