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Thread: Rating of 10?

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    Dirty Butter

    Rating of 10?

    Something has changed just recently, and I'm wondering if it's intentional, or a glitch. Now, when I give a new member a 10, it shows as 9.9999.

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    Glitch? Gotop100 never has glitches!!!

    I'm not sure, we just fixed some things with the ratings, let me check.

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    This should be working correctly now.

    This was a floating point problem.

    In case you're curious, you can learn why floating point numbers don't work well for representing exact values.


    - Tim Gallagher
    GoTop100.com site programmer.

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    Thanks Tim!

    See? It wasn't a glitch LOL

    DB - you know I was just teasing right?

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    Dirty Butter


    Thanks for the quick fix!

    NAH! Dave! I thought you had the only place in computerland without glitches!!

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