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Thread: Deleting unwanted comments

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    Deleting unwanted comments

    Hello Group,

    I am wondering if there is a way delete unwanted comments without deleting the wanted ones? :?:

    I did look for this info and will feel really red ops: in the face if I just missed it somehow :wink:


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    Hi Gwen,

    You can do this in your manager admin. Just click Member List, and click comments beside the member's site. You can delete individual comments in there.


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    Dirty Butter
    We had a problem some time ago now with one person who left ugly comments and ratings of 1 on lots of blogs. I had to go through every blog that appeared to have a lower rating than expected, trying to find the ones to delete. Would there be any way to search for comments, across the whole TopList, for a particular commenter?

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    No, unfortunately there's no easy way to do that. You can ban them by ip address to try to stop them from commenting any more... but the only way to get rid of their comments right now is manually. You can also turn commenting off. I think dealing with people who leave nasty comments is just one of the things you have to deal with if you choose to allow comments.

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