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Thread: Top List Virus

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    Top List Virus

    I received this email from a member of my list.

    I have had to remove your link from our site due to a number of members reporting a virus each time they logged in. I am sorry that I had to do this.

    Have there been any other reports of people getting a virus from the lists?

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    No, it's not even possible to get a virus from logging in - you should contact them and have them clarify what they are talking about.

    What are this person's visitors logging in to? If they are on their site, and visiting your toplist by clicking a link, they shouldn't be "logging in" to anything. No offense to whoever sent you that email, but it doesn't even make sense to me - I'm baffled.

    Anyway, no, you are perfectly safe - it's impossible to get a virus from visiting any of our top lists or logging in to a top list as a member, or a manger, etc etc. I would be very interested to find out what makes these people think they are getting a virus by visiting the top list, if that's even what they mean.... :?

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    Thank you Dave. I didn't think there could be a problem with the list. I haven't gotten any other complaints. I wanted to check with you before I replied with an "I don't know how that's possible" email first though, because I guess one can never be to cautious.

    I did let them know that I would look into the matter and get back to them with a better response. I'll copy and paste your message to them if that's alright with you.

    Again, thank you.

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    No problem at all. Like I said, I'm just really confused as to how they even think they got a virus from your top list. If you could find that out for me that would be great

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    Well... I sent the email and this is the reply I got.

    Thank you for you reply - the reports I received were
    that a number of member's antivirus popped up when
    clicking the link to go into the site.
    Thank you for your time with this - I will inform my

    I've never had that happen to me before with any link that points to these lists, and I've never received a complaint about my list other than this one, so I'm confused as well.

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    If you have pop-up advertisements on your list, that might be causing the anti-virus or pop-up blockers to go off.
    Here's an example: http://alphabetsoup.gotop100.com/index.php

    I've vistied a site where it appears member has password blocked a subfolder that contains their banner. I'm assuming that must be what is happening because you get an enter ID and PW menu pop-up if they are the site of the moment. If you decline to enter an ID and PW the banner doesn't appear.

    I've only seen that in one place and it only happened 2-3 times. It was just memorable.

    Can members upload FLASH banners? If so then it is possible for someone to be doing something funny. I wouldn't imagine it would be anything malicious, since it would be so easy to trace.

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    Hi mesmark: Members can only upload gif and jpg files. Only the top list managers would be able to put any kind of flash files on their list.

    DiamondTiger - could you give me the URL of your top list? Thanks!

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