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Thread: Linking Code Syntax

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    Linking Code Syntax


    Is there a way that I could incorporate my button into my linking code? I would like to set it to where the image would be hot linked from my own service and make it easier for those who sign up for my topsite list. In the admin control, I only see where I can upload my voting image and no where to place an offsite link.


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    Hi and welcome!

    We used to have something similar to what you are requesting but we had so many requests for top list owners to be able to upload their buttons to our server and serve them from here that we switched it to do it that way.

    If you upload a button through your admin, it does become incorporated into your linking code. When a top list member goes to get their link code, they can choose whether to use a text link, or they can select the image (or one of the images) that you have uploaded. Then they click the submit button and it gives them easy cut-and-paste code to place on their web site.

    I hope that helps!

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    ops: well, now don't I feel embarrassed! lol. Thank you so much Dave.

    I must say, I am sitting here a little stunned! I was not expecting such a quick response let alone a welcome! Coming from another topsite list, I expected the same kind of "ignored" treatment I got there. This topsite is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for all your hard work here and offering this service.
    Do you except donations by any chance?

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    Thanks for the praise We are not currently set up to accept donations. We are working on an ad-free version for a small fee - but that's not quite ready yet. Spreading the word about us would be a big help though!


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    I am spreading the word as we speak

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