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Thread: Google PageRank gone

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    Google PageRank gone

    It may just be a temporary reranking glitch with google, but does anyone know what happened to the gotop100 topsites' page rank. It seems quite a few sites aren't getting ranked or have lost all their previous rank, even larger ones with loads of sites and external links.

    On the Google page rank tool bar they're coming back with No PageRank information.

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    I should mention that page2, page3 ... have retained some pagerank.

    It's weird. :?

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    Are you going to http://subdomain.gotop100.com/index.php or http://subdomain.gotop100.com/ ?

    I still see pagerank on most of the sites, but google does appear to be in the middle of another update so it could fluctuate quite a bit.

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    I tried a few with the index.php and then tried the straight domain. I just noticed it a few days ago and it hadn't corrected. It may take a few days to get straightened out.

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    Interesting... I haven't seen any of the top lists I run decrease in PR. In fact I have noticed a bunch that didn't have PR before now have it.

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    To continue to beat this dead horse...

    It all seems to be back to normal. I assume it was a rerank hiccup. It might have been something to do with my browser's PageRank bar.

    All's well that ends ranked :lol:

    Thanks for the response Dave.

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