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Thread: Link Code question

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    Link Code question

    What does this mean?

    "Be sure to change the IMG SRC to the location of the image on your server"

    I've never changed it and haven't had any problems but someone just emailed me stating they changed it and they are having problems.

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    It is just a way to encourage as many people as possible to download the image to their own website. It still works from our server, but we prefer people to serve the banner from their own website.

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    Oh, good. I was gonna ask this same question. I noticed it worked when I signed up for someone else's topsite (before I found out I could have my own), BUT I was afraid it might disappear after a set period of time.

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    ps. It did scare me into saving my img to my server!

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    That's good I like to save all the bandwidth I can lol

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