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Thread: Code banner Help Please

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    Code banner Help Please

    Hi there, I was curious. I have added my banners to my top site for members to use when generating a code. I wanted to remove the banners currently on the list and add new ones that all match and are custom. If I remove all the old images will this disable the codes and banner that they generated and result in a broken link? or a broken banner that they are posting on thier sites? I do not want to remove them if it will cause a problem later. I was just curious if when I delete and change the banners if it updates the members banners that they generated with the old image? Let me know. Thanks
    My site is momswithapurpose Thanks again :0)

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    Dirty Butter
    Only Dave can answer you for sure, but couldn't you just upload new pictures and keep the same names as the old ones?

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    If you delete the old banners, those who hotlink the banners from our servers will have a broken image on their site. It doesn't change their linking codes, just leaves them with broken images. It is probably safest to leave the old ones up and upload the new ones.

    Currently, when you upload banners, the script renames them (for database reasons) so you can't keep the same names. I will look into whether or not this might be possible though for the future.

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    Thanx! This was the answer I was looking for too! I too was also curious if I could change a banner out with another if I named it the same thing.

    An editing banner option to be able to change out a banner while not interuping the code would be most awesome.

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    That's a good idea actually. I will talk with the programmer and see if it is possible.

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