We have made a couple of upgrades to Go Top 100 recently.

First of all, the color picker. We have had requests for greyscale as well as the current color choices, and we have gone a couple of steps further. You can see the new color picker be editing your design under the advanced menu.

Second, all top list owners can now limit the number of sites displayed on their top lists. Before, if you chose 20 sites, it would list 20 sites per page but as soon as there were 21 sites, it would start a new page. Now you can choose how many total sites to be listed and over how many pages.

For example, if you choose to list 50 sites over 2 pages - the 51st site added does not create a 3rd page. Now you have 51 members and only 50 spots - people are more inclined to place your link somewhere prominent to make sure they are sending you traffic and being listed. There is no limit to how many sites you can choose to list. The default is set at 100 right now. You can edit this from the advanced menu under "List Options".

Finally, we have given you the ability to disable comments and ratings. The default is enabled. If you want to disable them, you can do so from the advanced menu under "Comment Options".

If you have any questions be sure to post them here and we'll do our best to help you out.