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Thread: Mata tags - besides keyowrds and description

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    Mata tags - besides keyowrds and description

    Meta tags

    Should I also add this meta tag? <META name="RATING" content="Safe for Kids" > Other options: general, adult, mature, restricted, 14 years

    "ICRA Content Rating : This is a rating that tells a number of search engines and user software if your site is safe for children, teenagers, etc. A few search engines require this tag. A large number of people will block your site if you don't have it. Users can install site blockers to help stop sites that contain adult or violent content. Sites without this declaration of site content are automatically blocked. While users can type in a password to override this feature, they may decide not to bother. To avoid this, go to http://www.icra.org/about/, review their information and create the appropriate tags for your site. This site will also help you create the tags listed above in a very easy to use screen (see optional tags)."

    Do you support it?

    Also, do I need a title meta tag?

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    It supports any valid meta tags.

    Title is not a meta tag, it is its own tag and can't be edited through meta tags.

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