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Thread: Can I add my own google adsense Ads?

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    Can I add my own google adsense Ads?

    I have google adsense for my website and can I also add the ads to my topsite between the table and on the gateway page or at bottom or is there a restrict?

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    Google does not allow adsense ads from two different accounts to be on the same page so the only way you can have your own adsense ads is if you have the ad-free version.

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    Google AdSense

    I don't know how it works because I paid to have the original ads removed and my site is ad free, now I would like the benefits of the AdSense so I gain from all my work into the creation of the sites art etc.. which I think is only fair.. anyway.. if you can let me know if it's possible I'd really appreciate the help.. I wish I'd seen this post before adding mine.. )

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    There is no "Google Adsense" feature that we offer. You can add any types of advertising you'd like to your list. To add Adsense, you'll have to read the faq and learn how to edit your header and list breaks so that you can add html code to your list. Then get the code from your Google Adsense account.

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    Thanks Dave,
    I've figured it out, now able to add the Google Adsense search engine to my page.. I had to go into the 'Advance Setup' and 'Create Overall Header' from the link for 'List Breaks'.. works a treat just see for yourself
    Happy dance

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