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Thread: banner too small

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    banner too small

    a member uploaded there banner and it is too small-- it is suppose to be a banner but it is all squished together

    how do i fix this

    also how do you get the font smaller on the site of the moment

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    Please check the faq before asking

    Your banner question is answered here:

    The site of the moment font size will be the same as the font size for the listings. To change that go to Advanced setup, then click "Edit Design" or "Edit design manually"

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    I did double check her banner size and even went in and edited myself it still is not showing correctly her banner size is 486*60 is that to big for the board -- could that be the problem?

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    Did you re-rank the list after making the changes?

    You have to re-rank it manually or wait for it to re-rank (every 30 minutes).

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