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Thread: Resetting Hits Manually?

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    Resetting Hits Manually?

    Hello, I did a search but didn't find my answer. I was wondering if I can reset the incoming hits manually? If so how?

    I joined my topsite on the 15th of Jan. My auto reset is set to 30 days. So is it going to reset on the 15th of Feb? How would I go about changing that if that's the case?

    I thank you so much in advance for any responses!

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    To reset manually, you can click the link that says "Manual Rerank, Reset"

    You can also change it to reset every X days - X being whatever you want it to be in the advanced setup.

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    Thank you so much for your fast reply I feel silly, I was looking all over for that reset link ops: found it right away today lol .. Thank you

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    No problem

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    To add to the poster's original question.....

    What is the differeance between ?

    Rerank now (apply design)

    Reset now
    (CAUTION - Clicking Reset Now will set all incoming and outgoing hits to zero!!)

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    Rerank adds up the hits in and hits out since the last rerank and updates the totals for all of the sites. The numbers on the top lists are not real time.

    Reset sets all hits in and hits out to 0

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