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Thread: What happens if we are away for awhile?

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    Dirty Butter

    What happens if we are away for awhile?

    I came here to ask this question, and then noticed you had been away with a family emergency. I hope everything is OK now.

    So you will certainly understand what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Is there any way to temporarily halt new member applications, with an explanation that they should try again in a few days, or something like that, or at least send some kind of automated message, so they will know that I am not going to be available to view the blogs they have submitted and will accept or decline as soon as I can?

    This happened to me just for a couple of days, and now I have 30 some odd applications staring at me, with no time at the moment to deal with them.

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    Everything is good, thanks

    Your idea is a good one - right now there is nothing in place for such a situation. I think we could create a way to customize the email that is sent to people when they first apply, so that the list owner can tell them they are away for a bit.

    Another option which might slow down submissions temporarily while you are away is to just remove the "Add Site" link from your list, which you can do by editing the header. There would still be some "Your site here" links on the empty listings on the last page of your list though.

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    Dirty Butter
    Making the first email open to modification sounds like the better choice to me.


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