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Thread: Newbie w/ questions

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    Newbie w/ questions

    I am new to making a top list.
    I want my top list to look pretty.
    I see others which look pretty.
    I need help. On the 1st page when people click to vote,
    the click to enter or were you tricked to coming to this , page,
    my background doesn't go all the way up.
    How can I fix that?

    Is there a general how to this or that area here?
    What codes & colors work etc sort of thing.

    Thanks !

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    I can look at your background if you tell me what list is yours. As for the design part of it... maybe some of the people with nice lists can help out if they happen to see this message.

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    You have your break background color set to #000000

    If you want the background to show in your list breaks, you have to edit your design, and take the background-color line out of the break.

    It might make the text a little hard to read though.

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