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Thread: Google search question?

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    Google search question?

    Hello, I am helping a friend settingup her top list, and I have my own top list and I know I do nto have it on mine, but to be honest I can not remember if I removed it or it just was never there... :shock:

    The problem is that with it on the list has a horrible color square that is in my opinion damaging the look of the list..

    Ok enough babling my question is, how on earth do I remove the google search thingy so that horrible box goes away?

    Thanks for any and all help and your time! :wink:

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    What is her list url?

    The google search can't be removed, unless the account is upgraded to ad-free. You are probably using an old template which is why it's not on your list.

    It should match the color of the listings... so if you can send me the URL I'll check into it.

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    yeah it matches, I am just a little insanelly picky :?

    ok thats fair and how about moving it to the bottom? can that be done?

    Thanks for the speedy reply! :wink:

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    Unfortunately, no, it can't be moved to the bottom.

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    Well its ok.. thanks for responding, it does not look as bad now that the adds are there, before the adds did not show it was only the HUGE box with the serach thingy, so it is a little better! :wink:

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    Ah, yes. Sometimes it takes a day or so before the ads start showing up.

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