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    Members Log In

    Hi, I just started up a Top 100 Site with you and have it just the way I want it BUT....when adding my header/banner it deleted the Add Your Site | Member Login link and I have gone through the Questions FAQ and nothing tells me how to get it back.

    I have even (4 different times) reloaded new page layouts and it still won't show up even with the new design/layout.

    How do I get this back in? My members can't click on it to get their information if nothing is showing up.

    Hope you can help me.

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    Hi Karen,

    The answer is found in the 2nd question in the faq.

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    Hi Dave, thanks so much.
    If I had known what I was supposed to be looking for in the FAQ I probably wouldn't have needed to post this message.
    Thanks for your help...all fixed now.
    Guess you can tell I'M VERY NEW TO THIS KIND OF THING! lol
    Thanks again,

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    No problem, glad you got it working

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