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    Recently I have noticed that the HITS IN are only showing up for the first 26 sites...it's zero after that. Although the HITS OUTare okay all the way....

    I have gone into my mangers site and checked everything I can find.
    I just now went in and clicked the in/out to USER RATING....

    Not sure what's going on.
    What should it be set at to COUNT BOTH IN/OUT?????

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    Hi, what is your top list?

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    Nevermind, I just saw your other post in the other forum and it had your list URL in it.

    I would not set it to rank by rating - you don't have ratings enabled. I would set it to rank by incoming hits. In my opinion that is the most fair way for everyone on the list.

    Also, your hits in and hits out look fine to me. You have your list set to reset to 0 every 10 days. Maybe it just reset recently?

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    Well, after I posted this message I went in and set it to Rank, not in/out setting and it seems to be working now.

    Until I did that it was 0 for over 2 weeks from 26 on down to the last banner - now it's recording on all banners.

    Not sure if it was because I set the preference difference. I've had several people tell me it wasn't doing the IN for them.

    We'll see.

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    Ok, but I can tell you that setting it to be ranked by "ratings" will have no effect on hits being counted.

    It will make all the sites on your list seem out of order because no sites have any rating - because you don't have ratings/comments enabled.

    If you set it back to being ranked by "hits in" and then notice anything that you feel is strange, you can let me know and I will look into it.

    I've had several people tell me it wasn't doing the IN for them.
    When people say this it is usually because they click their link and don't immediately see the hit in count - they don't realize that they have to wait until the next time the list reranks. All legitimate hits are always counted.

    Btw, I still see 17 sites on your list with 0 hits in. I would guess that they actually have 0 hits in, or they are not using the correct linking code. Something along those lines.

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    I took a look at 5 of the sites that have 0 hits in and could not find a link to your toplist on any of those 5 sites.

    Also, your site links to your top list, but it doesn't use the linking code, it just links directly to the top list. Hits in won't be counted that way.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks so much....I'm rather confused but will put it back to HITS IN and see what happens.
    I just had another person tell me too.

    Thanks so much, Karen

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    Hi Dave, I have it set for HITS IN and it's still not showing the last members hits.
    I find this puzzling.
    I have had it at 0 for four days now and it only records down to 32 now....Please go check my set up! My members are so confused as well because I tell them it's fixed but it isn't....hmmmmm.
    I will give you permission to set it as it should be. Oh, and some have re done the link and it's still this way.
    I sure don't want members to pull out!
    Thanks and hope you can still help me on this.

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    If they are showing 0, it's because they really don't have any hits in. For example, I checked the Ezbuilder site. It had 0 hits in. I visited their site, and clicked their link to your site. Then I re-ranked your list. Now they show 1 hit in.

    Then I went to All ragged out which also shows 0 hits in. Their link is wrong on their site. They are not using their unique member link code, so any visitors they send your list will not count.

    Then I went to Shop-A-Holler Primitives which also shows 0 hits in. Their link is also wrong on their site (no unique member link code) so any visitors they send your list will not count.

    I stopped at 3 If any sites are showing 0 hits in, it's because they either don't have a link to your site, they are not using the correct unique link code for their site, or they truly haven't sent any visitors.

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    Hi Dave, thank you soooooo much!

    I sent out e-mails a few days ago asking people to re-do their linking code....some replied back that they did...we'll see.
    Guess that's all I can do!

    Thanks again. Karen

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