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Thread: Problem with people joining and the code they have to enter

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    Party Plan Diva

    Problem with people joining and the code they have to enter

    I'm sorry this is long. When I joined Top100 to make my own list I entered everything as required and then when I had to enter the captcha (sp) code at the bottom it kept rejecting it. I know it is case sensitive and I made sure every time that it was correct. I was rejected 7 times before it finally accepted it. Not sure if anyone else had this problem. I submitted my business on another one of these lists about 2 years ago and had the same problem then. I almost gave up. Does this happen often?

    Last question, How do I make a contact list owner link on top of the page in case people are having the same problem?

    Thank You
    I still don't understand about the In's and Out's ranking after reading forum and Q&A. Anyone have time to email me at top100chicksites@hotmail.com I would appreciate it.

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    I don't think it happens very often at all because I've only ever had one other person mention it to me. With them it was a cookie issue.

    You could edit your "rules" and put your email address in there so that when people are viewing the rules for signing up they'd see it.

    What is it that you don't understand about the Ins and Outs?

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    I know the ones that have the numbers and letters in am image (instead of text) neevr work for me when I am on dialup. My isp converts the gif or jpeg to an art fils to have the page load faster...and in doing so, I get a new image, (the wrong code). I just use aol or netzero to log on to internet, then use IE (which doesn't mess with jpegs and gifs...but therefore is slower to load.)

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