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Thread: Minimum Incoming Hits opinions wanted

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    Minimum Incoming Hits opinions wanted

    Minimum Incoming Hits..... to set a limit or not. I would like your opinions and what you do. I currently have mine set to one so members need at least one incoming hit a month in order for their site to show up on the toplist.

    The pros of course is to ensure the sites are active and that they are providing a link back.

    Now the pros of having no Minimum Incoming Hits set is that the topsite will have more listings.

    For those of you who use that option, do you periodically check your member's sites that receive no incoming hits to...
    #1) Be sure the site is still on the web.
    #2) That they have the proper link back.

    I'm torn as to which option to use and just wanted to get some feedback.

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    A con of having it at 1 is that every month when the list resets, people email you asking where their site is Even if you explain it to them in the rules, or when they sign up, they just keep emailing.....

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    Good point. Also the 30 min. before the stats get refreshed they wont see their listing though I do have that answered on my Questions page. Hmmmm then that brings me to a suggestion. I'll post in the appropriate thread.

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    I have my list set to require one minimum hit for a site to be visible.
    If as a manager you regularly monitor your list then you soon get to know which of the sites matter to you and which do not.
    On Reset day, I simply do a manual reset, then use 'Edit Members' to put one vote on those forums I want to make sure appear in the toplist.

    I also put up the notice below for a few days using the List Breaks.

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    I have a info/rules link on my top list that opens in a new window that, hopefully, explains the basic rules and facts plus a view of some of the required link-back-buttons in order to get hits.

    Looks like this.

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    I don't know even if I'm doing the voting right on my place or not. Can someone tell me please?

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