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Thread: Adding Messages / Updates

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    Question Adding Messages / Updates

    Okay, so I have been searching all over the place and clicked what seems to be all the links on the menus in the managers section. I am trying to find out how I can ad a header/footer message/update so that I can inform people who visit the site/list.

    http://wetpaintpacks.gotop100.com/index.php <- That site has it, and I wondered how I can add something like the messages on the top above the list and on the bottom also.

    I only made my list yesterday, but I am really lost on how to do it. So can someone respond as soon as with a result. http://roleplaysites.gotop100.com/


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    Re: Adding Messages / Updates

    You can create and edit footers/header in your control panel.
    Advanced settings -> Insert banners /Html

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